- Live is Best -

It is almost impossible to express the feeling being at a widescreen event creates without being there.  It is immersive and has the power to collectively inspire and unify large groups like nothing else I have experienced.  The work it takes behind the scenes to make a seamless widescreen show happen requires a cocktail of technical skills, design skills and trust. The more important the launch the more imperative a top-notch team is involved to create the best outcome and navigate the complex challenges that live large-scale events present.

If you have attended one of these national summits you know what I’m talking about. 



If there is an important message to share throughout an organization employees will want to hear it first hand.  

Top brands invest in experiences that are intimate, engaging and memorable. 
Events are among the most effective tactics used by both the B2B and B2C industries alike.

While personal communication or physical media is often the most effective (why webinars and canned videos haven’t replace live keynotes) video enhances the stage presence for any presenter or elevate credibility when checking out a website after a networking event.  

This takes place at shareholder meetings, sales conferences and executive summits like the examples above.

- Videos for live Audiences –

Here are some types of video for live keynote production:


- During Keynote -

Used as background scenics or event kick offs and speaker transitions live Keynote packages include:


Opening Video

- settles the room while setting the stage and cueing up the dramatic entrance of the keynote presenter


Industrial Videos 

- case studies, business proof points or high level marching orders can be integrated into scenic backgrounds for real-estate moments.


Transitional Videos

- carry the same visual thread as the opener, family graphics with similar sound package good mechanism to bring new speaker onto the stage


Closing Video 

- memorable closing with key take-away and message summary of the meeting theme.


- After Event -

Sizzle Reel - Action recap of energy at the conference

Event Amplification Video - Daily recap of the conference with short interviews combined with scenes from trade show booths, events and networking

Thoughtful video has the power to inform and inspire. What can we SINTR® for you?


I’m passionate about the work, the teams we build, the dramatic sets and stages that are created to connect people and inspire them in their livelihoods. 

This is important work and I love it!

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