More than just pretty pictures

We aren’t the ordinary Motion Graphics Company.
We don’t do ordinary work, or get ordinary results.

This is in part due to our decades of experience in creating memorable multimedia campaigns.
It is also because of our process.

We work with a limited number of clients at any given time.
Building relationships enables the trust required to produce effective media that takes our clients businesses
to the next level.

what SINTR® Isn’t

We don’t do branding (often).
We don’t do PR or marketing (but we work with some brilliant marketers).
We don’t just do great work to win awards (happy side-effects from projects that generate results).
We don’t emcee conferences (some of our clients do).
While we are nimble and responsive, we don’t auto-generate design and videos from algorithms.

what SINTR® Is

We are expert motion graphics artists for product launches & special initiatives on screens of any size.

We create design systems as an extension of branding.
You might need SINTR® if you have a brand and need to bring your message to life through motion graphics video wherever you audience is.
Live Event, Internal Communications, Broadcast TV, social media.

If you think there might be a fit here, let’s talk about what the next steps might be (or we would be happy to refer you to any of the other specialties above).

how we SINTR®
in 3 stepS


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