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Just came across your Epic Trails Adventure Filmmaker post.  

I have created hundreds of trail videos in WA and MT working with local guidebook authors.  

We recently finished an animated video for the American Alpine Club and have a similar style video featured on Outside Magazine Online.  

Would love to connect and discuss filming and motion graphics if you are interested.  


SINTR®️ Visual Communications in partnership with My Outdoor Alphabet proposes to utilize Seth Neilson’s My Outdoor Alphabet illustrative style and concept to introduce American Alpine Club membership benefits to the climbing audience with key benefits and iconic imagery from the climbing vernacular.



- The Guy -

Raised in the two best "W" states in the union (Wyoming and Washington), Seth was introduced to the mountains at an early age. After family trips into the Uinta, Wasatch, and Cascade ranges, he fell in with a group of Boy Scouts and a leader who took them into the high mountains of the Pacific Northwest and then on to the Tetons and Wind Rivers. Now with multiple decades of mountain experience behind him, Seth continues to pass on the soul and stoke of the outdoors to his own children and the local Scouts of Bozeman, Montana.


founder of Best of the NW Trails,

SINTR Creative Lead.



Former Patagonia retail employee from Dillon, Montana.  Bryan's spirit of adventure has lead him to remote stretches in the Cascades and Rocky Mountains to executive boardrooms. 
Bryan's career spans 20 years designing B2b and B2C campaigns for top NW Brands. 

Bryan Schaeffer

Creative / Animator

Upon climbing the Kor Ingalls route on Castleton Tower in College Bryan acquired a taste for classic lines and hand jams.  He has cragged throughout the western states and enjoys navigating remote alpine trails, glaciers and granite in the North Cascades the most. A "master" Nordic skier (over 30 and an AXCS member), Bryan has participated in Master World Cups and takes principles of the sport into the mountains where he delights in moving through alpine terrain across mountain ranges - with poles. 
Bryan lives in Bozeman, MT where he and the family (wife, 3 daughters and spastic Golden Doodle) burn off steam on mountain trails year-round.


-The Story-

This mini doc tells the story of how the Alpinst's Alphabet was created and educational possibilities of the project.

Even though illustrator Seth Neilson never became a full-time mountain man, he and his family have been transformed by the outdoors. See his My Outdoor Alphabet project come to life with a little animation help. 


- Target Audience –

Reach existing US climbers and members, as well as new members through the efforts of AAC National Volunteer Coordinator (Eddie Espinosa) and his work via AAC social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and a custom stinger video for live events.


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2 go Pros

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field audio kit

Fast & Light shooting kit
utilized in 200+ (Run and Gun) trail videos


- The Alpinist's Alphabet -

Presenting an illustrated "abecedary"—from the alpinist's point of view.

26 letters, 26 "need-to-know" terms for the discerning climber. You weren't short-changed any letters - they're all there. From ascender to z-pulley, your office (or playroom or nursery or bedroom or hallway) wall will share the stoke of the mountain world with anyone who stops to check out the quality of the three color screen print, and test their knowledge of the climber's vocabulary. 

The American Alpine Club Alphabet Custom Screen Printed Poster

We propose an update to the classic Alpinist's Alphabet with AAC specific terms, potentially including benefits, history, properties like the Teton Climbers Ranch, current events, or personalities.  The screen printed poster may retain some of the traditional terms, but by highlighting AAC-specific benefits for members, we can make it really resonate and represent the soul of the club.

The custom illustrations could lend themselves to other merchandising/licensing opportunities, including T-shirts, mugs, canteens, etc.

Screen printed and signed on  True White Speckletone French Paper, this poster is suitable for framing—or just tacking up on the wall.

Screen printed and signed on  True White Speckletone French Paper, this poster is suitable for framing—or just tacking up on the wall.


- My American Alpine Club Outdoor Alphabet -

In addition to the custom poster incentive, we propose to highlight the exclusive member benefits through custom illustrations in the style of My Outdoor Alphabet.
We would create a custom illustration for each of the 10 member benefits below that could then be highlighted and shared in different mediums and channels:

Aa – is for the American Alpine Club

Bb – is for Benefits

Dd – is for Guide Discounts

Ee – is for Equipment Discounts

Gg – is for Gym

Gg – is for Grants

Pp – is for Publications

Ii – is for Insurance benefits

Ll – is for Lodging Discounts

Mm – is for Magazine Discounts

Rr – is for Rescue Benefits


Note: There are currently 10 benefits listed on the page.  Does it make sense just to make custom illustrations for those, or hybrid poster between the existing Alpinist poster?



-Influence the Influencers-

Jim Bridwell was one of the few to correctly identify the Alpinist's Alphabet from A-Z  circa Outdoor Retailer Show 2010

Jim Bridwell was one of the few to correctly identify the Alpinist's Alphabet from A-Z
circa Outdoor Retailer Show 2010

The approachable style of My Alpinist's Alphabet encourages a playful interaction with the terms and climbing culture.  Conrad Anker, Tommy Caldwell, Steph Davis and other climbing notables are fans...



- Social Media 11 week campaign -

Weekly Instagram letter (1 a week for each of the 11 weeks above) square shape, teaser sentence and link to AAC membership page. 
Starting with Aa - is for the American Alpine Club.  Could kick off the campaign with an AAC logo done in the look with a question to followers of what makes the AAC special.  Each following week we work through the alphabet with the option of adding current events or topics that become revealed through members' comments in the feed. The concept of "building blocks" becomes a metaphor for our individual relationship with the climbing world, and becomes a conversation—and relationship—starter.

Weekly Instagram letter from list above branded for the AAC in My Outdoor Alphabet Illustration Style.

Weekly Instagram letter from list above branded for the AAC in My Outdoor Alphabet Illustration Style.



- Facebook Video 11 week campaign -

The Instagram letter would be followed by a weekly Facebook vertical video animated letter with blank for people to fill in the comments and link to the AAC membership benefits page.


- Stinger Video Concept –

To consistently describe the member benefits through the Volunteer Network, we propose creating a custom AAC Member benefits 60 second stinger room settler video for events and high-level messaging tool for volunteer coordinators at live events, slideshows etc.
Animated intro in My Outdoor Alphabet style driven by Voice Over script, with music and sound effects.  Literally spelling out member benefits with custom illustration icon for each benefit.

This could possibly be animated in the style of the video below.

We are stoked to have the opportunity to share our thoughts of how to utilize My Outdoor Alphabet to grow AAC membership, and welcome any questions or comments. 

Bryan |  (206) 280-8767  |  bryan@sintr.com