Motion Graphics Videos for product launches & Special initiatives

Entertain while informing your audience.
Explain complex subjects with style.
Engage your audience with compelling SINTR® video.

We have created over 400 videos in the past decade for screens on
mobile phones, computers, broadcast television and ultra-hd widescreens.

There is a “screen-bloom” of video content options these days. Distribution channels have vastly expanded. We can help build video content to reach your audience where they are likely to be most engaged.


Six Demo Video Categories

  1. Branded motion graphics explainer videos

Building animated videos from a brand standards document brings the message to life in alignment with the brand.

2. Animated Stills

2.5d animation gives life and depth to stock or brand photography in place of more expensive or limited live action footage or stock video. Scenes can combine brand graphics, infographics and supportive text all in a rich 3d environment that gives a subtle elegance and punch to visuals that support the voice over narration.

3. Sexy web site & product demos

If you really want your product to shine make your product look retail. Think of the sexy mobile phone ads on TV. 3d Models showcasing your software in a sleek environment. Show off the functionality in the most attractive way possible. People buy attractive things.

4. Animation from brand illustration libraries

Larger companies often have vector-based illustration libraries for print and web designers. We can work with these libraries to create animated scenes and storytelling scenarios for product launches or demos.

5. Custom illustration + animation

Distinctive style hand-drawn or rotoscope techniques from photo references give your video an exclusive look.

6. Live action + motion graphics demos

The combination of a human presenting a topic with help of speaker support motion graphics can be especially effective.