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Our scalable team is uniquely well-versed in taking projects from concept to script, production, post-production and delivery on screens of any size.

We specialize in creating videos for product launches and special initiatives for new technologies.

I started my brand video career in 1999 building slide decks and supporting graphics for Microsoft Keynotes for SilverFox. This was back in the day of “sneaker net” delivering files by foot on USB drives.

From this presentation design background I created graphics for Tier-1 executives including Jeff Raikes and Bill Gates. Over the years I have supported four Bill Gates Tier-1 keynotes including The Reinvented Toilet Expo featured on Netflix current series “Inside Bill’s Brain - Decoding Bill Gates.”

Presentation design helped me to develop the skill-set required to rapidly process a high volume of content into a clearly organized aesthetic visual within brand standards under tight deadlines and high expectations.

The lightweight vector graphics paved the way for more cinematic raster effects and the focus shifted to After Effects. I dug into this software learning as many techniques as possible from video editing, motion graphics to special effects. These concepts I developed into curriculum for a motion graphics course that I taught at the Art Institute of Seattle for students in the interactive program.

Teaming up with David Johnson at Mind Opera we integrated motion graphics techniques with widescreen/multiple screen playback using the emerging tool WATCHOUT. This software enabled us to create interactive timelines for live keynotes. Sophisticated on-brand graphics / motion graphics, looping background animations, integrated control across multiple screens and tight cuing for live shows were some of the advantages to the workflow we developed.

The shows started to get noticed at Microsoft. We produced 9 Global Summit keynotes over the next fifteen years, some receiving top scores inspiring audiences with this immersive style of brand theater.

Video wall at the CES Microsoft booth and Steve Balmer’s keynote (both utilizing WATCHOUT as the playback tool) the final year Microsoft participated in CES.

With the advancement of broadband internet and video streaming I was sure the age of the large corporate events would be replaced with streaming video and webinars.

I was wrong

Live is best. Hearing messages directly from leadership cannot be replaced. The human networking connections made in person remain key to conducting business. Event video wasn’t being replaced. Video began filling in around an entire event life. Teaser videos from the year before help increase registrations. Video clips captured during the event are shared through social media durint the event and after. Recap clips are created as highlight reels. Campaigns leverage event creative extending the duration and reach of a launch.
I began building creative for advertising campaigns. This resulted in winning 3 Emmy awards for broadcast television campaigns for King 5 and Boeing.

Product Launches

I was hired as the Senior Art Director and Director of Motion Graphics at Radarworks (Microsoft vendor). We created internal and external communications for Microsoft. Including product launches for, Unified Communications, Microsoft Signature Services, Microsoft RoundTable, Microsoft Lync, and the Microsoft Advisory Services Network innovation think tank.

IoT Videos

Video campaigns can be built from live action video testimonials or case study videos, live event presentations and animation.

We have capabilities to shoot broadcast and cinema quality live-action video ( our teams are currently traveling around the US filming a Technology Success Stories campaign for the US Department of Defense). We also create brand packages for live events, like the IoT in Action conference below. We delivered over a dozen videos to a video management system that allows for subscriptions and measurement of engagement. High-level concepts like the Solution Accelerator Program Open Source Vertical Reference Designs were represented in a motion graphics video.

Live events have not gone away.

Video is being utilized even more than when I started designing 20 years ago. There are now new formats for video distribution through partner networks and social media. Some platforms measure engagement directly with timeline based cues, locked content and subscription based content that integrates into automated marketing systems. Video is being used to tease events, demonstrate capabilities and credibility during the event and as a recap post-event.

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