- Live is Best -

It is almost impossible to express the feeling being at a widescreen event creates without being there.  It is immersive and has the power to collectively inspire and unify large groups like nothing else I have experienced.  The work it takes behind the scenes to make a seamless widescreen show happen requires a cocktail of technical skills, design skills and trust. The more important the launch the more imperative a top-notch team is involved to create the best outcome and navigate the complex challenges that live large-scale events present.

If you have attended one of these national summits you know what I’m talking about. 

-Experiential Video-

If there is an important message to share throughout an organization employees will want to hear it firsthand.  

Top brands invest in experiences that are intimate, engaging and memorable. 
Events are among the most effective tactics used by both the B2B and B2C industries alike.

Bryan Backstage Control
Bryan in the “hotseat” WATCHOUT widescreen controls at the 2018 Marketo Marketing Nation PHOTO David Johnson

While personal communication or physical media is often the most effective (why webinars and canned videos haven’t replace live keynotes) video enhances the stage presence for any presenter or elevate credibility when checking out a website after a networking event.  

This takes place at shareholder meetings, sales conferences and executive summits like the examples above.

-Special Initiatives & Launches-

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Reinvented Toilet Expo
- Industry Launch - Beijing China

SBIR (Small Business Innovation & Research) Success Stories Video Campaign
- The Department of Defense - To be released in September 2019

Boeing 100th Anniversary Campaign
- NATAS EMMY® Winner, Best Campaign

Deloitte Event Amplification
- Oracle OpenWorld Expo videos

Genentech - Take 5 Video Series, Internal Communications

HIV PREP Campaign
- "The campaign has helped Washington reduce HIV infections by 27% from 2010 to 2014."

King 5 - In Everything Regional Campaign
- NATAS EMMY® Winner, Best Commercial Campaign

Microsoft’s Last Consumer Electronic Show
- Ultra HD screens for exhibit booth and widescreen graphics for Steve Balmer Keynote

Marketo Marketing Nation Global Summit - The Fearless Marketer
- 6,000+ Attendees sold to Adobe a few months after event

Microsoft Global Summit

- 9 Keynotes Widescreen graphics programs over 20 Years

Microsoft Unified Communications Launch - Bill Gates

Port of Seattle
- AAPA 100th Anniversary Celebration, Winner of 3 Telly Awards including Best Motion Graphics

Premera Know Your Numbers
- LifeWise Launch Arizona, Washington, & Alaska

The Space Needle
- Interactive and Multimedia Digital Signage - Telly Award Winner - Set record annual attendance

Rider Reflex
- Video Game Launch Campaign
& title motion graphics - biggest and longest running off-road racing franchise in video game history

The National Speakers Association
- National Meetings Promo Videos

Washington Mutual Chicago Launch
- Winner of 9 awards including the National EX Award

- Product Launch

The Puyallup Fair (Last year before rebranding to the Washington State Fair)
-Campaign, TV, print, radio, web out of home campaign

I’m passionate about the work, the teams we build, the dramatic sets and stages that are created to connect people and inspire them in their livelihoods. 

This is important work and I love it!

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