- Behind the magic curtain -

I started to get the feel of building graphics for large screens in 1999.
It initially felt like I fell into this unique niche later realizing that I have been been groomed for it my entire life. 

As a first grader when I found out I could make a few bucks at the county fair for a red ribbon, the next year I created a standout larger format drawing that won best of show for the category (and a few more bucks to buy GI Joe figures).

Illustrating and presenting extemporaneous speeches in 4H led to Speech Drama and Debate in high school.  The year our team took the state championship I was an impromptu finalist.    After earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, I cut my teeth Photoshopping artwork for PowerPoint slide decks for a large Seattle-based software company.  I figured out content organization by managing iterations on dozens of presentations in convention center rooms in places like Orlando, Denver, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York and Seattle.  Some of the most memorable slides out of those thousands were photo-shopping Bill Gates' face onto a disco star's afro gold lame clad jump-suited body for Microsoft Europe.  It sure got some serious laughs before breaking for the post event party. 

Through the years still artwork became more richly animated from PowerPoint to Scala to Flash and Finally After Effects. 

Live is Best

I have built moving content for many C-level executive and celebrity talent through the years.  Memories onsite backstage have been filled with palpable emotions of thousands anxiously awaiting a moment.  I could almost feel the energy in a ballroom (not just the nearby massive power converters).  Be it an entrance onto stage, announcement of an award winner or reveal of a new product; it is a joy to witness audiences' enthusiasm and excitement. 

Key messages and high-level marching orders are often best delivered in person with the support of an engaging multimedia backdrop.

Bryan sitting in the hot seat backstage at the Marketo Marketing Nation Live this spring.

Bryan sitting in the hot seat backstage at the Marketo Marketing Nation Live this spring.

With all the bandwidth bringing streaming video and conferencing in the early 2000s, I was sure this form of business theatre would decline rapidly. 

Much to my surprise, engagement and budgets in live/experiential media hasn't gone the way of the dinosaurs, but instead has grown!
Events and budgets are larger than ever.  Leading companies invest in live media to reach their core audiences in the most effective way.

Walk in for 6,500+ marketers at the Marketo Marketing Nation 2018

Walk in for 6,500+ marketers at the Marketo Marketing Nation 2018

The more "connected" people seem to get with their devices, the more disconnected they can become in reality.  Top brands invest in experiences that are intimate, engaging and memorable.  "Events are among the most effective tactics used by both the B2B and B2C industries alike."

From rooms of a few dozen to 15,000 + creating the moments that captivate and inspire audiences continues to captivate and inspire me.

Behind the scenes theme graphics reel for Marketo Marketing Nation 2018


Editing - Emmy® Winning finishing editing services
Wide screen & Multi-screen video builds, loops
& custom emotive video.

SINTR® Post-Production

Bryan in the studio wearing a few hats.

- Premium Event Video & Motion Graphics -

We meet Creative and Technical specifications to connect audiences with the brand and message

•  Multimedia Graphics Systems
•  Content Creation
•  Motion Graphics

1. Creative Creative Brief, Mood Boards, Design Language
2.Technical Form Factors, Media Specs, Review Cycles and Deliverable Schedule

Premium media assets include: logo build and loop, background ambient loops, graphics title packages, walk in loop, transitions, speaker bumpers, case study videos,

- Product introduction, Explanation, Demo, Video -

1. Product Launch Product Demo
2. Complex product or process demonstrated in an east to understand and actionable way?
3. Training Video
4. Emotive video, share a passionate brand story

This Mylio demo is an example of emotive brand video and demo of key features..



+ Additional Services

•       Instagram Video Vignette

•       Social Media Video Boost Package

•       Social Media Campaign Graphics Package

•       Emotive Event Recap Video



Fast & Light Live action video kit

• Sony A7 HD Camera • Sony A6300 4k Camera • 50mml FE 1.8/50 Lens • E 3.5/30 MACRO Lens • 4.5-6.3/55-210 Lens • 3.5-5.6/16-50 Lens • Go Pro Hero 2 • Go Pro Silver • Go Pro Accessories & Mounts • Tripods • Kylin M portable Gimbal • Suunto GPS Tracking • Zoom External Audio Recording Kit Package

Additional kits & Camera Packages available, inquire for estimate.


Thank you for considering SINTR®.  Our award-winning team of designers, animators, editors and cinematographers scales to the specifications of each project. 
The greatest joy I get from the work we do is helping our clients achieve their goals and make an impact in the world around us.



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