- Live is Best -

"According to the Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks and Trends report, the majority (80%) of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success."

Video has the power to connect emotionally with a live audience.  This can be especially effective in visually supporting story telling and demonstrating complex concepts in memorable an actionalble ways.

"95% of marketers agree that live events provide valuable opportunities to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world."



While personal communication or physical media is often the most effective (why webinars and canned videos haven’t replace live keynotes) video can enhance the stage presence for any presenter or elevate credibility when checking out a website after a networking event.  If there is an important message to share throughout an organization employees will want to hear it first hand. 

This often takes place at shareholder meetings, sales conferences and executive summits like the 2018 Marketo Marketing Nation this past May in San Francisco.
This is a backstage reel we edited to showcase theme motion graphics created for the event, keynote speakers, special guests and entertainment.

- Video techniques for live Audiences –

Here are some techniques for live keynote production:

Scenic rear projected screens (tall enough to serve as backdrop of speaker) often curved screens or custom configurations. Canvases can be so large requiring media racks and servers for splitting and playing back video. Our team works with Mind Opera and Dataton WATCHOUT. See the example of these element done for a Microsoft Keynote Video package here.


- During Keynote -

Used as background scenics or event kick offs and speaker transitions live Keynote packages include:


Opening Video

- settles the room while setting the stage and cueing up the dramatic entrance of the keynote presenter


Industrial Videos 

- case studies, business proof points or high level marching orders can be integrated into scenic backgrounds for real-estate moments.


Transitional Videos

- carry the same visual thread as the opener, family graphics with similar sound package good mechanism to bring new speaker onto the stage


Closing Video 

- memorable closing with key take-away and message summary of the meeting theme.


Throughout history, ordinary people have been trying tried to do what was seemingly impossible. Doubters told them their goal was unreachable. There was no way it could be done. You’re crazy for trying. Nobody does it that way. It’s too far. That idea will never stick. But giving up was not an option. They knew their ideas were worth the risk. And with one giant step forward… Their imagination soon became their reality. With the same courage, conviction and bold vision. We can make anything possible. You can make anything possible… What is your Impossible?

- After Event -

Sizzle Reel - Action recap of energy at the conference

Event Amplification Video - Daily recap of the conference with short interviews combined with scenes from trade show booths, events and networking


- Hands on -

Interactive design and motion graphics for the Space Needle on-line and kiosks. 
One of my favorite design projects to date.
During our research we discovered that The Space Needle is the most iconic form of "Googie" architecture (think Jetsons).

To keep true to the spirit of the Worlds Fair while updating the interactive and web presence we developed a modern twist to the look we lovingly refer to as "Newggie."


Wide screen & Multi-screen video builds, loops
& custom emotive video.

SINTR® Post-Production

Our team scales to the specifications of each project. 
We are excited to have the opportunity to share our web and live production examples and welcome any questions or comments. 

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