Bring your brand to life with SINTR video.

Engage in the video age

We are the studio that partner agencies hire to fulfill their creative/production for special initiatives and product launches. 



• We work with established brands bringing their brand messaging to life where the audience can best be reached.  This means working with brand standards to create media that engages audiences while reflecting your brand.

• We have proven techniques for delivering video and motion graphics, created over 400 videos, refined our systems, setting expectations, review process and delivery

• We love what we do and work with people who do to and intern passionate people that like the work that we like to work with.



• On time. Every Time.
Working in the live event space has chiseled us into a process that meet deadlines while iterating to create better quality messaging than reactive knee-jerk design fulfillment.

• We build content for screens of any size.  15 years experience building widescreen content for WATCHOUT including tier 1 events for fortune 100 companies.  3 time Emmy award winner for Broadcast TV promotional campaigns.  Crafting video content for social media having created hundreds of videos studying the unique considerations building video for social media.


Cost Effective

• We are project based, that means you don’t pay for employee overhead.

• We engage top-talent based on project requirements

• Having 20 years in the industry building connections with the best (and most enjoyable) people to work with for particular niches.

• Our new product offerings make the most of your budget while delivering broadcast quality video to your audience across multiple deliverables and form factors.

We are an extremely curious bunch

And it takes us into executive boardrooms, coffee shops, massive conference centers, laser labs, breweries, resturant franchises, mom and pop shops, museum exhibits, theme parks, fairgrounds, and across mountain ranges.

We love to get immersed into our client's world. 


This is where we draw inspiration and core messages that manifest themselves into communications that educate and inspire action.

So the world can see how amazing you are too.


Win Hearts & Minds with SINTR® video

Brands like these trust SINTR® in sharing their stories through video over 400 times.


SINTERING is the process of bonding widely different particles into a solid mass by heat or pressure without melting to the point of liquefaction.  

Kind of like what we do with ideas



We have created over 400 videos in the past decade for top brands in the NW.


Keynote graphics. Ultra HD Projected Screens. Projector Arrays. Video Walls.


Creative Concepts storyoarding, branding, rapid prototyping



Award winning creative studio including 3 Emmys® for promotional TV campaigns.


Measure the success of your campaigns through custom high-quality Facebook video.


Traditional Media Campaigns Billboards, Buss Boards, MagazineAds, Newspaper Ads 

I’ve relied on Bryan and his team at SINTR whenever I’m in need of a truly novel execution of motion work. Plenty of people can deliver cookie-cutter creative. Bryan and his team will invent not just re-invent solutions. Highly recommend.
— Byron Tucker / Director of Creative Services / St. Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute
For years SINTR has been my #1 go-to source for creative and compelling motion graphics video. And they will be for years more. Why? Because of their unique editing techniques, great value-to-fee ratio, and always ALWAYS on-time delivery!
— Brian Walter / President / Extreme Meetings
Over the last 15 years, Bryan has been my go-to person for creative direction and execution on projects of all sizes. Bryan is exceptionally skilled in listening to clients’ marketing needs and responding with impressive creative content and design. I highly recommend Bryan to others in need of a talented and engaging design professional. The word “passionate” summarizes Bryan, and he brings this quality to all he does, both in work and his active personal time.
— David Johnson / President & Founder / Mind Opera LLC
I’ve worked with Bryan for about twenty years and can confidently say that he is one of the best, if not just The Best, period. He has a high level of creativity that filters down through everything he does (and he does a lot). We have worked together on projects from creative brief to finished product, and Bryan has the tools to make everything, at every level, just positively shine. Whether, concepting for a new marketing campaign, putting the finishing touches on some video content, or tossing out ideas over lunch, Bryan is just one of those people who not only gets it, but also delivers it. Plus, he’s a great guy.
— Vandy Kindred / Creative Director / C+C

Communicate challenging
complex messages with clarity. 



Mylio - The Big Picture

Pictures are the story of your life. Each snapshot is a little piece of the Big Picture.

Boeing - A Community Takes Flight - 2017 Emmy® Winner - Best Campaign

There is a spirit here and it has been here since the beginning.

King 5 - 60 Second TV spot - Emmy® Winner - Best Campaign

In Everything Broadcast TV promo campaign.