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I’ve always loved to draw.
Bringing a vision out of a blank sheet of paper feels magical. 

To make that still image come to life is even more satisfying.

In this series I traveled around Montana shooting video footage and stills, and posted my favorite shot each week on Instagram @bryanschaeffer

I used my favorite photo compositions as a reference to draw from.  Drawing the scene takes me back to what it felt like to be in that place.

I typically work on sketches on paper with pencil and pen then digitize and color as vector art in Illustrator.  You can watch demo videos of this technique #drawntoanimate on my blog.  Vector is amazing for being able to create artwork that is infinitely scalable.  This comes in extremely handy for large format ultra-hd motion graphics and large format print graphics.     

The ability to composite this type of artwork into animation has captivated my interest for story development. 

More to come on that.


Learn about techniques and strategies for content creation on my blog.

The variations of line, fill and color are endless.  See more animation examples below.

Bison digital painting process.


Through hiking Enchantments Ink to Digital Process.

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