What are Motion Graphics?


Let’s talk motion graphics.  So ubiquitous in modern reality that you might not even notice the prevalence of motion graphics.  Screens of all sizes are filled with content.  Content with moving text, illustration, icons and animated photography is motion graphics.  Ranging from basic slide-based build transitions to high-end composited scenes combining live action footage with special effects. 

The combination of a narrated soundtrack with supporting key visuals and graphic iconography is an incredibly effective way to communicate complex concepts and engage viewers at an exponentially higher rate than still graphics or text alone.

Plus motion graphics can be created without filming anything.  Motion graphics are a differentiator. Like 3 times the conversion rate online from still graphics and 95% retention rate compared to 10% from reading in text.

Demonstrations are particularly effective in video.

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SINTR® 2020 – Bryan celebrated his 20th year working in the creative field by making a zany video series for his blog and social media.  Bryan’s crew filmed Technology Success Story Videos in Colorado, California and Arizona.  Hopefully they will be released to the public soon.  Bryan continues to explore Montana and Washington trails on foot, ski and mountain bike logging record miles this year.  A 50 mile mountaineering trip across Washington’s Picket range was a highlight.  Coming face-to-face with a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park was another memorable moment.  You can find Bryan’s photography and illustration/animations of out door adventures at: instagram.com/bryanschaeffer/