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My grandfather told me that you don't have to know everything, but know your subject well, give credit and appreciate people. He said to operate with integrity, treat people as you would want to be treated and big things will happen.

This will have a tremendous impact.

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2019 Here we go!

Thanks to all of you whom I shared a coffee, meal (or pint) with.
Your insights and collaboration are opening new doors.

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The mood was dark, the future dim

The lights dimmed. The murmuring diminished. And the giant screens shifted from graceful, shimmering traces of light to ancient footage of a desperate march –

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Quality measured by Engagement

This year may very well be a year of a trend to quality and clarity (at least I hope it is).

The digital landscape of media is crowded, everyone clamoring for our attentions. After the wild free-frawl of media overload it may be time to tidy up. Take an approach focusing on clarity.  Reach audiences on a more personal relevant level. Speaking with them not at them.

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Global Immunization Celebration Keynote Graphics

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Agency: Mind Opera

Provided Art Direction for background graphics as well as wide-screen multimedia speaker support for Bill Gates, speaking at the Global Immunization Celebration in Abu Dhabi. 

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