SINTR® Founding Story



I had been working at a Seattle-based agency as the senior art director/director of motion graphics. We were a midsize to small agency that survived the last recession. Won prominent regional clients, won awards and kept the lights on but we weren’t celebrating.

I had the chance to work on a once-in-a-hundred years international event in Seattle with some good friends that had worked with many times over the years. It was all the leverage I needed to pry me back out of the agency world and make my own studio.

With business relationships/friendships that go back 20 years, you get a certain type of shorthand communication and equity in ideas and trust that enables doing some amazing things.
We are often asked to do things that are pretty difficult.

90 minutes of content for an ultra HD widescreen for the top sales people in an organization that has a GDP bigger than many countries.

Launching a new industry, illustrating and animating cutting-edge technologies that don’t exist yet.

Things like that.

It takes lots of research and skill to know how work with many team members to craft the messaging into a visual language that works where the audience is.
Live events, online, internal-external all that screen bloom.
Backed with the engineering to deliver on time every time. Being nimble as technologies evolve, products develop things change.

Things always change. Having top-notch nimble teams that come together to overcome challenges and make these moments where thinkers and doers come meet.

Yeah it is exciting.

Been quite ride this past 20 years, but I love it!



SINTR® 2020 – Bryan celebrated his 20th year working in the creative field by making a zany video series for his blog and social media.  Bryan’s crew filmed Technology Success Story Videos in Colorado, California and Arizona.  Hopefully they will be released to the public soon.  Bryan continues to explore Montana and Washington trails on foot, ski and mountain bike logging record miles this year.  A 50 mile mountaineering trip across Washington’s Picket range was a highlight.  Coming face-to-face with a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park was another memorable moment.  You can find Bryan’s photography and illustration/animations of out door adventures at: