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Perhaps the most important thing a company can do to attract new clients and grow their business is establish good positioning.

Figuring out the competitive advantage and what makes your business unique is imperative to stand out and be sought out. Follow along as we introduce the two hosts and start digging into our own positioning efforts.


Meet Bryan at SINTR® He recently celebrated his 20th year working in the creative industry. During this time his careers has evolved from print graphic design to ultra HD widescreen motion graphics for product launches and special initiatives. He collaborates on multimedia projects with specialized talent to build teams that have won the Natioal EX award, Addy’s Tellys and 3 NATAS Emmy® Awards for NW Television Campaigns.


SINTR® Strengths



Solopreneur Challenges and Opportunites

Drastic shifts in the marketplace are creating new challenges and opportunities for boutique agencies. Bryan suggests a few areas where collaboration and project organization through virtual teams might create new opportunities within groups like Communo.



Episode #1 Trevor interviews Bryan - long format video

Interview Questions:

1. Why are you in business? (note that this question will get asked a few times, taking inspiration from the Five Whys)

2. What makes your business special?

3. Who do you sell to?

4. Where do you find customers?

5. When can your business beat the competition?

6. How does what you're building make the world better?

If you can answer all of those clearly and well, I think you've got a pretty good grasp of positioning.

Positioning Implementation Questions

7. Where do you spend your outreach marketing efforts?  Traditional Advertising? Social media? Live event or experiential media?

8. What challenges do you have reaching and communicating with your audience?



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