ReVerve PT Social Videos

My college/climbing buddy building a new Physical Therapy Practice in Seattle asked me to create a logo mark and brand videos.

A sucker for a design challenge and seeing the potential for a run and gun style group of videos for web and social media I enthusiastically said yes!

Having a four-hour layover in Seattle, I packed my fast and light camera package and worked with existing lighting to capture footage for what became these three videos.

One of the most challenging aspects with a run and gun one person crew in an external location is scene lighting. Especially indoors. When we are doing a premium shoot we pack a SUV full of gaffing and lighting equipment. The existing lighting in a room is turned off so we have exclusive control of the scene lighting. This gives us control over the Kelvin coloring of the lights to make sure we match white balance and have higher control for color adjustment in post production.

When you travel into locations where you don’t have control of lighting it poses some challenges. Natural light is great when available, this room had no windows and assortment of lights, some tungsten that create an off-putting tint to video footage (see untreated footage in image below left).

Setting white balance in post is the first step in correcting the footage. LUTs (Look Up Table) can be applied to create a more cinematic look. This is limited when shooting on DSLRs which create files with a limited color space. Digi cinema cameras capable of creating a camera-RAW like 4:4:4 color profile allow the maximum colorspace for applications like sophisticated grading, creating alpha channels for compositing (greenscreen) and special effects.
More to come on that.
Until next time.

I shot this video with my fast and light kit with dedicated audio. See video on the audio portion of that setup here.