Tis the Season for Skiin!


Instead of sending plastic human artifacts that will soon end up discarded an a landfill I made you 15 seconds of brain candy for your holiday enjoyment.


Some of you (if I have your addresses) will receive a limited edition card of my skiing Fawn Pass artwork.


I hope you keep it for the appropriate amount of time before chucking into the recycling bin.


Hope you have a restful holiday season!


SINTR® 2019 – Bryan celebrated his 20th year working in the creative field by making a zany video series for his blog and social media.  Bryan’s crew filmed Technology Success Story Videos in Colorado, California and Arizona.  Hopefully they will be released to the public soon.  Bryan continues to explore Montana and Washington trails on foot, ski and mountain bike logging record miles this year.  A 50 mile mountaineering trip across Washington’s Picket range was a highlight.  Coming face-to-face with a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park was another memorable moment.  You can find Bryan’s photography and illustration/animations of out door adventures at: instagram.com/bryanschaeffer/