Bryans' brainstorm 20 Years Video


I'd love to show you some of the project success stories from the past 20 years, but I can't. 

Of the dozens of videos SINTR® builds each year, most are private with controlled access.  I have been debating with myself the best way to share some of the business and broader impacts of projects and teams that we have worked with.  While "we" couldn't agree on a definitive creative concept, you will have to settle for a video of the brainstorming process.


Watch the video below to see two Bryans concept and brainstorm different ways to go about telling this story to you.

Hope you enjoy!



Thank you to all of you whom I have had the privilege of working with the past two decades!
I'm Looking forward to the next two.

SINTR® builds videos that showcase cutting-edge technologies while demonstrating complex processes in a way that is easy to understand and act upon. Our award-winning studio uses traditional live-action filming as well as motion graphics driven from a voice over script for release on screens of any size.