2019 Here we go!


 Temple touring in China fall 2018 Temple touring in China fall 2018


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 Designing theme graphics and motion graphics and for a new industry launch in Beijing China was a highlight of 2018.  Ping me if your are curious about details.


Thanks to all of you whom I shared a coffee, meal (or pint) with.

Your insights and collaboration are opening new doors.


This has been a year of getting honest input from mentors, teachers and peers, which has resulted in refining SINTR’s focus:



SINTR® builds motion graphics video for product launches and special initiatives for industry-leading brands, on screens of any size.



We create with a variety of production techniques: live action, illustration, character animation, motion graphics, & 3d.

Launching special initiatives is the common thread that ties all our creative work together.



This is my 20th year working as a professional in the creative industry. 
I value the connections and friendships that have resulted from the past well-spent two decades.


In the next year SINTR® will continue to refine our creative systems and new distribution offerings as well.


I look forward to collaborating with you in 2019!


Happy New Year!



On with the show

Motion graphics video that launches business.

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