- SINTR® Animation Techniques -

Different ways to make movement.

Welcome to the SINTR® animation page.  On this page we demonstrate animation techniques that we employ to build  SINTR® emotive videos.  At any point feel free to schedule an appointment with Bryan to discuss.  See link at the bottom of the page.

One Image at a Time

As a kid, my dad would bring home little yellow notebooks that I would devour drawing scenes on every page.  Sketching one after the next, finally with the reward of flipping through the book creating is the illusion of life.

SINTR® Animation Techniques:
• Text Animation - See Say
• Frame Animation
• 2.5D Animated Stills
• 2.5D Animated Illustrations
• 3D Video Scenes
• Composited Live action with Animation
• Animating Brand Library Vector Illustrations
• Graphics Package for Live Action Video - Introduction, Logo Build, Transitions, Lower 3rds, Credits

- Motion Graphics Text - See/Say -

The audio track is often the backbone of a motion graphics oriented demo.  We treat each video like a stand alone radio spot that is supported with representative videos.  This see/say approach is more effective in customer retention rates that still visuals or writing alone. 

“For years SINTR has been my #1 go-to source for creative and compelling motion graphics video. And they will be for years more. Why? Because of their unique editing techniques, great value-to-fee ratio, and always ALWAYS on-time delivery! ”

— Brian Walter / President / Extreme Meetings and 2018 National Speakers Association President


Disney pioneered the golden age of animation in the 1930s.  Keeping in mind the 12 rules of animation I created this short test animation of the traditional frame by frame animation.  Rotoscoping and illustrating frames we created these frame by frame animations of my twin daughters in the backyard. The backgrounds were illustrated from a photo reference composited in layers in Adobe Illustrator and combined with the other animation assets in a 2.5d environment in After Effects.  I used this exercise to demonstrate these "classic" to my Art Institute of Seattle Motion Graphics Class.

The technique of animating 2 dimensional objects in 3d space or 2.5D is one that we use extensively.  We are able to composite, or cut out objects like stock photographs from their backgrounds and separate in to Photoshop layers.  Separating the layers like a person from a background allows us to postion these flat elements in a 3d space (z-space).  Moving a background further away from a subject causes a dimensional parallax when a camera is applied.  Adding some subtle articulated moment of a subject with the puppet tool along with lens flares and lens depth-of-field can transform flat artwork into a dimensional cinematic scene. 

We particularly like this technique for bringing historical images to life.  One audience member asked where we found the footage of the 1911 Seattle scenes that we actually animated in this technique for an international port conference.  This Emmy® Winning Boeing TV spot also uses this 2.5 animation technique of stills to reveal Seattle city scenes transforming through time.


- Bring Stories to life -


“I’ve relied on Bryan and his team at SINTR whenever I’m in need of a truly novel execution of motion work. Plenty of people can deliver cookie-cutter creative. Bryan and his team will invent not just re-invent solutions. Highly recommend. ”
— Byron Tucker / Director of Creative Services / St. Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute


Do you already have written content, testimonials, blog articles, short stories?  Voice Over driven animation with text and stock photography/iconography can be a great way to translate your proven messages onto screen.

This animated video series for a San Francisco Biotech company utilizes actual employee testaments.  Shorter clips were played as transitions between presenters at a live event.

- Brand Library Vector animation -

“Over the last 15 years, Bryan has been my go-to person for creative direction and execution on projects of all sizes. Bryan is exceptionally skilled in listening to clients’ marketing needs and responding with impressive creative content and design. I highly recommend Bryan to others in need of a talented and engaging design professional. The word “passionate” summarizes Bryan, and he brings this quality to all he does, both in work and his active personal time. ”

— David Johnson / President & Founder / Mind Opera LLC

Many companies have brand guidelines books of logos, fonts, colors etc.  Some even have libraries of vector illustrations complete with characters,  environments, icons and scenarios.

This animated video for Microsoft IoT utilizes a brand approved library that we bring to life to demonstrate a high-level orientation to getting started with the Internet of Things.  Communicating these abstract concepts would be difficult to do effectively without these brand symbols and shorthand scenarios.


- Live Action + Vector Animation -

This two camera live action video was shot with Fast & Light camera package below. 

Bozeman, MT Illustrator Seth Neilson My Outdoor Alphabet story is supplemented with animated illustrations to share his in a unique way.  We were able to do this by compositing artwork from his posters into separate animation builds in After Effects.

Live action footage combined with animated illustrations are made to feel as a part of the composition by motion tracking and consistent lighting.  These techniques start moving into special effects where background environments are able to be replaced like green screen chroma keying and matte painting.  The Drunken Sailor Label was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator, composited in to layers and animated in After Effects.  Combining motion tracking and consistent lighting with finishing color helps to pull all the ements together to make a believable if not fantastic scene.

Combining 3d models in to live action video space gives an element of believably that the object is really there.  These techniques can make ordinary software demos come to life by integrating screens into a device and custom environment.  Demonstrating all the screens of multiple devices interacting together for the photo archiving/sharing software Mylio was achieved by rigging multiple 3d models into virtual scenes.


Whatever is imagined can be created in these sophisticated techniques.  They sky is the limit.

This product demo for photo storing/sharing software Mylio is part demo and part emotive video.  3d models and animated stills show how Mylio solves the problem of digital photo archiving.

“I’ve worked with Bryan for about twenty years and can confidently say that he is one of the best, if not just The Best, period. He has a high level of creativity that filters down through everything he does (and he does a lot). We have worked together on projects from creative brief to finished product, and Bryan has the tools to make everything, at every level, just positively shine. Whether, concepting for a new marketing campaign, putting the finishing touches on some video content, or tossing out ideas over lunch, Bryan is just one of those people who not only gets it, but also delivers it. Plus, he’s a great guy. ”

— Vandy Kindred / Creative Director / C+C

+ Additional Services

•       Mobile Green Screen - Chroma Key Special Effects

•       Closed Captioning

•       Cut down to Instagram Videos

•       Social Media stills (benefit callouts)

•       Graphics package for social media campaign

•       Facebook & Instagram Ad Integration


Each project has it's own unique goals and circumstances.  Identifying a production technique that fits the creative brief is a great first step in allocating budget and resources. 


Editing - Emmy® Winning finishing editing services
Wide screen & Multi-screen video builds, loops
& custom emotive video.

SINTR® Post-Production

Our team scales to the specifications of each project. 
We are excited to have the opportunity to share our web and live production examples and welcome any questions or comments. 

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