Video & Motion Design Services

"By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic."

To break through the noise we have to capture an audience's attention. 

To keep their attention we must educate and communicate how we can help them.

Each type of video delivery has its own nuances and best-practices to most effectively communicate with the intended audience. 

We have created over 400 videos in the past decade for screens of all sizes and have picked up a few tricks along the way.


- Broadcast TV -

2017 Emmy® Winner - Best Campaign for Boeing's 100th Anniversary Celebrations


Fast & Light Live action video kit

• Sony A7 HD Camera • Sony A6300 4k Camera • 50mml FE 1.8/50 Lens • E 3.5/30 MACRO Lens • 4.5-6.3/55-210 Lens • 3.5-5.6/16-50 Lens • Go Pro Hero 2 • Go Pro Silver • Go Pro Accessories & Mounts • Tripods • Kylin M portable Gimbal • Suunto GPS Tracking • Zoom External Audio Recording Kit Package

Additional kits & Camera Packages available, inquire for estimate.



While personal communication or physical media is often the most effective (why webinars and canned videos haven’t replace live keynotes) video can enhance the stage presence for any presenter or elevate credibility when checking out a website after a networking event.  If there is an important message to share throughout an organization employees will want to hear it first hand. 

This often takes place at shareholder meetings, sales conferences and executive summits like the 2018 Marketo Marketing Nation this past May in San Francisco.
This is a backstage reel we edited to showcase theme motion graphics created for the event, keynote speakers, special guests and entertainment.

- Demo Video –

Demo video for Verifyle Software

VeriFyle is an ultra-secure way to share documents and messages with anyone all from a single screen.
This demo utilizes and animates brand assets to demonstrate how to use the product and its benefits.  Brand family vector graphics animations edited to voice over from provided script.


-Emotive Video-

This mini doc tells the story of how the Alpinst's Alphabet was created and educational possibilities of the project. Techniques include fast and light live action video shoot with supportive motion graphics and close-captioning.

Even though illustrator Seth Neilson never became a full-time mountain man, he and his family have been transformed by the outdoors. See his My Outdoor Alphabet project come to life with a little animation help. 

- Brand Demo Video -

Mylio asked us to create this video to describe how their new photo organization and editing software works across all your devices.

The combination of animated screens in 3d Devices and animated info-graphics demonstrate the range and flexibility of the product. 



Editing - Emmy® Winning finishing editing services
Wide screen & Multi-screen video builds, loops
& custom emotive video.

SINTR® Post-Production

Our team scales to the specifications of each project. 
We are excited to have the opportunity to share our web and live production examples and welcome any questions or comments. 

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