Video & Motion Design Services

My team creates videos for product launches and important initiatives.

We have created over 400 videos in the past decade for screens of all sizes and have picked up a few tricks along the way.

Each type of video delivery has its own nuances and best-practices to most effectively communicate with the intended audience. 


- Demo Video –

Infographics / Motion Graphics Technique

Demo video for Verifyle Software

VeriFyle is an ultra-secure way to share documents and messages with anyone all from a single screen.
This demo utilizes and animates brand assets to demonstrate how to use the product and its benefits.  Brand family vector graphics animations edited to voice over from provided script.

-Web Site Launch Sizzle-

Screen Capture in 3d Environments

Sizzle reel for web site launch no Voice Over. Demo screens animated with text in 3d Environments.

-Web Site Demo-

Infographics / Motion Graphics Technique

Overview video of Microsoft DCCN’s new features with open captioning.


-Emotive Video-

Live Action with Infographics / Motion Graphics Technique

This mini doc tells the story of how the Alpinst's Alphabet was created and educational possibilities of the project. Techniques include fast and light live action video shoot with supportive motion graphics and close-captioning.

Even though illustrator Seth Neilson never became a full-time mountain man, he and his family have been transformed by the outdoors. See his My Outdoor Alphabet project come to life with a little animation help. 

- Brand Demo Video -

3d, 2.5d, Stock Video, Infographics / Motion Graphics Technique

Mylio asked us to create this video to describe how their new photo organization and editing software works across all your devices. The combination of animated screens in 3d Devices and animated info-graphics demonstrate the range and flexibility of the product. 

- Brand Demo Video -

3d & Motion Graphics Technique

We created this high-level product launch video for Microsoft surface using a combination 3d animation and motion graphics.

- Brand Demo Video -

Live Action studio Art Directed Scenes

Demo video for Microsoft Unified Communications Video Conferencing technology.

Our team scales to the specifications of each project. 
We are excited to have the opportunity to share our emotive demo production examples and welcome any questions or comments. 

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