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Bozeman. Montana's lifestyle-inspired innovation hub. 
We call it home.

(Bridger Mountains- photo, Bryan Schaeffer)


That Attracts The Explorative Type

Where outdoor and technology companies innovate.

(Kid Goat on Sacajewia Peak, Bridger Mountains- photo, Bryan Schaeffer)


To Do Special Things

Changing the world with new ideas and that good old Montana work ethic.

(Climbing the first pitch of The Standard Route, Neat rock along the Madison River - photo, Bryan Schaeffer


That Make A Far-reaching Impact

Inspiring the stoke and educating for a great tomorrow.

(Granite Park Chalet, Glacier National Park- photo, Bryan Schaeffer) 

Bryan Schaeffer - solopreneur & SINTR founder

Bryan Schaeffer - solopreneur & SINTR founder

SINTR® is your
Creative Proxy

We are an extremely curious bunch

And it takes us into executive boardrooms, coffee shops, massive conference centers, laser labs, breweries, restaurant franchises, mom and pop shops, museum exhibits, theme parks, fairgrounds, and across mountain ranges.

We love to get immersed into our client's world. 

This is where we draw inspiration and core messages that manifest themselves into communications that educate and inspire action.

So the world can see how amazing you are too.

We lead when we need to lead. 
Follow when we need to follow. 
Always collaborative, responsive, thorough and focused on delivering effective compelling media. 

Our  scalable  team includes award winning talent with partnerships reaching back over two decades. 
• Graphic Design
• Illustration
• 3d Modeling
• Motion Graphics
• Cinematography
• Finish Editing
• Original Composition
• Audio Post
• Widescreen Ultra HD Motion Design

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Let's go explore.

(Beehive Basin, Big Sky - photo, Bryan Schaeffer).


 Even though illustrator Seth Neilson never became a full-time mountain man, he and his family have been transformed by the outdoors. 

See his My Outdoor Alphabet project come to life with a little animation help.

Two Essential Backcountry Safety Lessons - Featured on Outside Magazine

This animated backcountry safety video learning from some of the top snow scientists in the US takes a look at the definitions of two important snow terms: faceting and sintering. 


The American Alpine Club Membership Video

Come climb with us.  Join the AAC!  This room settler animation plays at live events across the US.