Client: Boeing
Agency: King 5 Creative
Executive Producer: Mark Feijo
Creative Concepts: Vandy Kindred, Bryan Schaeffer
Photography: Toby Rigby
Sound Design: Tom McGurk
Art Direction: Bryan Schaeffer
Post Production/Motion Graphics: Bryan Schaeffer, Alex van Gelder
Editing: Bryan Schaeffer
There is a spirit here.
And it’s been here from the beginning.
It’s the essence of whatever caused the mountains to rise from Puget Sound…
It’s what motivates us to yell at the top of our lungs for three hours on a Sunday.
And brave the cold from the top deck 
of a ferry to enjoy the skyline.
Let’s face it, this is our own special universe.
And thank goodness
Because when your roots run deep into a place 
such as this…
Dreams take flight.
Matching historical photos to Northwest scenes from today.
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